Megan Manzano was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She identifies as a Feminist Hispanic American and has loved to dance Salsa and Merengue from the time she could walk. From the early age of ten, she began expressing herself creatively and began challenging accepted ideas. Her love of reading initiated at that age, and at the age of twelve she fell in love with writing. She won several poetry awards from and from writing events at her middle and high school.

Megan joined Cooper City High School’s Colorguard as a teenager where she was introduced to the Performing Arts. Her dance training began at the age of 15, where she trained in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. She continued her dance training at Broward College where she trained in Improv Dance, and Contact Improv Dance as well as continuing her Ballet, Modern and Jazz Dance training. From 2007-2009, she performed in four Broward College Dance Concerts; including her Original piece “The Disconnected Puppet”. “The Disconnected Puppet” was a piece that challenged the walls of the Written and Performing Arts. Instead of music, the dance was performed to Megan’s original poem, that she performed orally during the performance.
In 2009, Megan studied Modern Dance and performed in one showcase at Florida Atlantic University. In 2011 Megan started and served as the President of Florida Atlantic University’s Davie Dance Club where students received weekly Salsa dance training and learned choreography for a Cuban-style “Rueda de Casino” Salsa dance that was performed twice in 2012 for Florida Atlantic University events. Megan graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in December 2012.
After a three and half year lapse, Megan started dancing again in 2015, taking Salsa dance classes at Salsa Heat in Palm Bay, Florida. Than began taking Adult Ballet classes in 2016 with Julia Pontones, which led to being introduced to Marty Mercado and began dancing with Muscle Memory Dance Company in June 2016.
Megan is very passionate about helping others, for that reason she works in the Social Work Field. She currently works for The Department of Children and Families as a Staff Assistant, and starts her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management at Florida International University Online in January 2017.